Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Day 3 Cullinay III

Mots Du Jour             Jan 5, 2011

·         Bain-Marrie-A hot-water bath; a way of cooking or warming food up by placing a container in a pot of very hot water. Used for preparations that must not cook over direct heat, for keeping delicate sauces hot, and for melting chocolate.
·         Barder- To cover or wrap a piece of meat, poultry and occasionally, pastry with a very thin piece of pork fat for protection and basting during cooking. This prevents drying out.
·         Barquette- A small, long oval pastry mold
·         Batonnet-Small stick; usually refers to a type of veggie cut
·         Bavarois- Bavarian cream; a cold dessert made from crème anglaise, set with gelatin and whipped cream
·         Bechamel- White sauce made from milk and white roux
·         Beurre-Butter
·         Beurre Blanc- Butter-based sauce made from a reduction of dry white wine, vinegar and shallots. Mainly served with poached or grilled fish
·         Beurre Clairifie- Clarified butter; butter that is gently melted in order to remove the impurities that float to the top and the whey that sinks to the bottom.

Day 3
·         Demo: Gravlax
·         Lax or Smoke Salmon
·         Mollusk p.e.i & green lip mussels- New Zeland
·         Moules Mariniere(demo)
·         Angel Hair Tomato Pasta
·         Roasted Spaghetti Squash
·         Grilled or Sauteed garlic baquette with olive oil
·         PARSLEY
·         Fish Stock

P.E.I- Prince Edward Island
In the cold months shellfish is safer to eat

Gravlax- Wet cure Salmon- Norwegian style- Non Smoked.
Lox-Dry Cured then Cold Smoked Salmon
Mollusk- Mussels
PBO- Pin Bone Out

Pasta: 1 egg, olive oil, salt and flour. 20% spinach or tomato flavor/powder. 80% flour
Reduce the cream with garlic

1 tomato per person
¼ of squash

Salmon- Recipe in booklet

Butter, fine chopped onions, garlic, sweat, add thyme and bay leaf, season salt and pepper, remove beard, deglaze with wine ½ cup, bring to boil, add little bit of cream ½ cup, once back at boil, place lid on.  
Oops! Ate them before taking the picture!

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