Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Day 12 Culinary III

Mots Du Jour
·         Escaloper- To cut scallops; to cut meat or fish on a bias
·         Essence-Essence; concentrated extract, used as a flavoring
·         Etuver-To stew, to cook slowly; to cook gently while covered with fat and a little water without changing the color of the ingredients
·         Evider-To hollow, to gut; to hollow the center of an ingredient
·         Farce-Forcemeat stuffing; a mixture of various ground ingredients, used to fill poultry, fish, veggies ect..
·         Farcir-To stuff; to fill poultry, fish or meat with a forcemeat stuffing
·         Fariner-To flour, to dredge; to sprinkle flour on fish or meat or to sprinkle flour on a mold and tap out the excess
·         Ficeler-To tie with string
·         Fines herbs-Mix of edible aromatic plants used as seasoning
·         Flamber- Flambé (1)to use an open flame in order to remove the down from poultry. (2) To light alcohol in a preparation
·         Fleurons- Piece of puff pastry cut into crescent shapes, served as decoration with fish dishes
Day 12
·         Mots du jour
·         Test #1 day 16 Tuesday
·         Monday truss Cornish game hen
·         Pork carnitas
·         Flour tortillas, cilantro, sour cream, avocado
·         Black beans refried Jacques
·         Salsa cruda
·         Corn poblano

Followed the book recipe and make it our own