Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Day 15 Culinary III

Mots Du Jour      1/24/11
·         Glace- (1)Glazed (2)Frozen (3) Served with Ice Cream
·         Glacer-To glaze; to cover or coat pastries with a glaze
·         Graisser-To grease; to coat or cover with fat before baking or roasting in the oven
·         Goujonnettes- Strips of fish, breaded and deep-fried
·         Griller-To grill; to cook on a grill
·         Habiller-To dress; to prepare an item such as fish or meat, for cooking
·         Hacher-To chop; to reduce to small pieces with a knife
·         Imbiber-To imbibe; to wet or soak an element with stock or syrup
·         Inciser-To incise; to make small, shallow, cuts in order to speed cooking
·         Incorporer-To incorporate; to gradually mix ingredients together by gently mixing
·         Infuser- To place an element into simmering water and let sit so the elements flavors the water

Day 15
Pork Practical day 19 one group day 20, 11:30
·         Production:
·         Truss a Cornish Game Hen(Poussin)
·         Poussin roti severed with jus
·         Brocoolis Au Gratin
·         Sauce Veloute- Mozzarella
·         Carrots glaces a burn
·         Pommes Paille
·         Mache- Parsley- Watercress
Season the chicken the truss. Sear the chicken. Sear in oil and butter, Place in a bed of mirepoix, place in oven at 380 degrees. Baste and turn. Cook until 165 degrees. Degrease Pan. Caramelize the mirepoix in the pan. Deglace, season and strain.
Broccoli- Poach first. Dip in Veloute, place in foil cup shred some mozzarella  on top. Put in oven at 475 degree.
Carrots- Place a little bit of butter and sugar in a pan and cook 6-8 mins. Until light brown color.
Pommes Paille- Cut in advance, soak in cold water, season after fried.

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