Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Day 7 Culinary III

Mots Du Jour
·         Couper-Cup
·         Court bouillon-A cooking liquid, composed of water, aromatic veggies and sometimes white wine vinegar, in which fish and certain meats are cooked in
·         Crème anglaise-A sweet sauce made from eggs, sugar, and milk that is cooked until it hits 185 degrees
·         Crème de Franiche- A type of heavy cream
·         Crème Fouettee- Whipped cream; cream that has been whisked in order to incorporate air
·         Crème de patisslere- Pastry cream; milk thickened with flour or flan powder, used for pastry making
·         Cremer-(1) to cream together sugar and butter (2) To add cream
·         Crème renverse- Caramel Flan; a mixture of sugar, milk and eggs poured into a mixture usually lined with caramel then gently cooked in the oven in a water bath
·         Croquette-A breaded, fried item consisting of a mixture of fruit, fish or veggies. Can be savory or sweet and in any shape.
Day 7
·         Capon (6- 8 months old) broiler or fryer (6 – 12 months old)
·         Roaster (under 16 weeks old) stewing hen – Cornish game hen – squab
·         Demo
·         Garniture grand – mere
·         Ballotire de poulad braisee grand mere
·         Make sauce from braising liquid
·         Pomme cocotte
·         Grilled vegetables (zucchini – egg plan, yellow squash, red pepper)
·         Caul fat – coq au vin
·         5 pearl onions, 3 quartered mushrooms, 6 lardons
Remove extra fat.Cut wings of then remove wish bone.Debone the chicken and make sure to cut the oyster out too with it. Debone one leg. Blanch onions the in a pan sauté the lardons then add mushrooms and then the onions and cook till they are all hot.
Season the chicken then sear it and after that remove chicken and sauté  the vegetables and then add aromatics and then degrees the pan and then de glaze it with veal stock and then put in the oven and cook it until its 165 when it’s done remove the chicken and reduce the sauce and season it and heat up until its nappe then drain and place over chicken.