Thursday, January 27, 2011

Day 2 Cullinary III

Mots Du Jour   Jan 3, 2011
·         Angelique-
·         Angalise- A mixture of whole eggs, oil, water, salt and pepper, used to help coat food with flour and bread crumbs, (2) A dish cooked in boiling water
·         Aplatie- To flatten a piece of meat or fish in order to make it more tender and facilitate cooking
·         Appareil-A mixture of the principal elements of a final recipe (usually egg based)
·         Aromate- A condiment or veggie with a characteristic smell or taste (spices and herbs). Often used in reference to a combination of flavoring veggies, such as carrots, onion, leeks, and celery
·         Aspic- A dish composed of meat, veggies,and/or fish that is cooked, chilled, and molded in gelatin
·         Assaisonner- To season; the addition of a preparation of certain ingredients that bring  out flavor of the food.
·         Attendrior Rassir- To allow a piece of meat to age under refrigeration for a few days to make it more tender. (2) To become stale
·         Au Jus-Served with natural cooking juices
Day 2
·         Lobster Bisque
·         Salmon Moubard
·         Black or Green Lentils
·         Belgium Endive

Lobster Bisque:
·         Mirepoix- Tarragon- Bay Leaf- 3 Garlic- Black Pepper- Thyme- Cayenne
·         2oz Flour
·         1qt Liquid
·         Shallots
·         Wine

1.      Chop Shells
2.      Sweat Shallots med heat, Season with Salt & Pepper
3.      Sweat 5-6mins, Add all veggies sweat for 6mins
4.      Add Flour and mix well
5.      Deglace with 1qt water and ½ cup white wine
6.      Mix well, bring to boil then turn down
7.      Add Tomato & Piece of white fish
8.      Bring to slow boil cook 35-40mins Taste & Season
9.      Strain and add 1/4cup of cream and return to boil

*** If a fish is cooked in a sauce no lemon is used as a garnish***

Belgium Endive:
·         Sautee
·         Season Salt and Pepper with a little bit of Lemon Juice

1.      Quarter the Endive leaving the core in
2.      Place butter and oil in a Sautee pan
3.      Place Endive in the pan over low heat
4.      Make sure that there isn’t much color in the end
5.      Once almost done, add lemon juice

·         Shallots
·         Tomato
·         Stone Ground Mustard
·         Cream

1.      Chop shallots finely
2.      Peel deseed and dice tomato
3.      Place shallots and tomato in a pan
4.      Place salmon on top
5.      Cover the salmon with the mustard
6.      Pour the cream  about ½ cup into the pan
7.      Bring to a boil
8.      Then place in the oven at 380 for about 6-9mins

·         2oz of Carrots
·         2oz of Onions
·         Water

1.      Chop the onion  and carrots
2.      Place the lentils in a pot
3.      Cover them with water
4.      Add the carrots and onions and bring to a boil
5.      Boil until tender
6.      Strain and toss in melted butter

 I know, not a very pretty plate... but it was my first one.

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