Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Day 13 Culinary III

Mots Du Jour
·         Foncer-To line the bottom and sides of a mold or pan with dough
·         Fond-Stock
·         Fondant-A sugar icing used for glazing pastries. (1)Referring to something that melts in the mouth
·         Fondre- To melt; to turn a solid into a liquid by heating. (2) To cook, covered certain veggies in water and butter until the liquid has completely evaporated without changing the color of the ingredients
·         Fountaine-A well; deep impression made in flour in order to add other ingredients for aking dough
·         Fraiser- To mix dough evenly by smearing it with the fleshy part of the palm of the hand
·         Fremir- To simmer; to bring a liquid just to the boiling point, the bubbles being barely perceptible
·         Frire- To deep-fry
·         Friture-(1) Deep fryer. (2)Deep-fried foods
·         Fumet-(1) Cooking aroma (2)Sauce made from cooking juices. (3) Basic stock made from fish and used to make stock
Day 13
·         Mots du jour
·         Lapin a la moutarde
·         Pg 151 lcb
·         Pomme cocotte
·         Mushrooms potato
·         Ravioli de pork or cream cheese jalapeno
·         Sauce? Your choice
·         Watercress and parsley

1st start rabbit then do the pasta while the rabbit is cooking.
3-4 potatoes