Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Day 5 Culinary III

Mots Du Jour
·         Canneller- To channel, to flute , to groove
·         Carameliser- To caramelize; To coat a mold with cooked sugar until dark for use in other preparations
·         Chantilly-Whipped cream to which sugar and vanilla have been added
·         Chapelure-Dried bread crumbs made from the crust and inner parts of the bread. Used for breading
·         Chaud-froid- A dish prepared hot but served cold and covered with a specific sauce.
·         Chemiser-To line the interior of a mold before filling
·         Chiffonnade-Leafy herbs and greens that are finely shredded
·         Chinois-China cap sieve; a fine conical strainer
·         Chiqueter-To lightly score the edges of puff pastry to help insure it rises straight and evenly
Day 5
·         Mots du jour
·         Production –
·         Turn gravlax
·         Paypiette de sole sauce veloute with mushrooms asparagus – Cherrie tomato - potato a langlaise or pomme duchesse
-                      Clams
-                      Subric d’epinard (spinach timbale)
-                      Gougeontte of sole
-                      Parsley
-                      (fish stock is seasoned)
Poached on a bed of shallots white wine and fish fumet, liquid should be halfway up fish, bring to a simmer. Cover and then place in the oven 380 for 4-8 minutes.
Make veloute 1 cup – roux- fish stock – cream then reduce poaching liquid and add to veloute, strain slice 2 mushrooms, sauté in fish fumet, then add into strained sauce, add sauce from mushrooms.
·         Cherrie tomato – 3 per person
·         Core & peel
·         Place in pan with butter and season
·         NO COLOR
·         Pommes a l’anglaise
·         Served as is boiled
·         Garnish 3 clams, served in half shell with sauce over it.
·         Blanch spinach
Gougeonette - served on spinach no touching sauce
Long strips of sole