Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Day 6 Culinary III

Mots du Jour
·         Citronner-(1) To rub foods with lemon to prevent them from discoloring (2) To add lemon juice
·         Clarifier-(1) To clarify; to clear a cloudy liquid by straining, heating, and gently simmering with egg whites. (2) Process of separating milk solids from butter
·         Clouster-To stud; to pierce cured tongue with strips of truffle; to pierce an onion with a whole clove
·         Coller-To thicken or set using gelatin, as in making it jelly or fruit mousse
·         Concasser-Peeled, seeded and diced tomatoes
·         Confit-A food that is saturated with one of the following vinegar, sugar, alcohol, fat
·         Consumme- Clear Bouillon made from meat, fish or veggies; served hot or cold
·         Corne- Plastic tool used for scraping the contents out of containers
·         Coucher-(1) To lay; to place a rolled piece of dough on a baking sheet (2)To spread; to spread a layer of cream or other garnish. (3)To pipe; to cover with a layer using a piping bag
·         Coulis-A smooth puree of fruits and veggies; used as a sauce
 Day 6
·         Mots du jour
·         Steamed rock cod pauplette
·         En papillotte
·         Stuffed with salmon mousse
·         Sauce vin blanc or beurre blanc
·         Salmon mousse (quenelle)
·         Couinoa salad
·         Calamari fruit sauce tartar
Oven 375

·         Fish is steamed on parchment paper on a bed of julienned carrot, spinach, 1 mushroom, endives, sauté it in some butter first.
·         Fish goes on top of julienned and cover with parchment paper and remember to season fish and add 1oz of fish fumet then put in oven for 4 – 8 minutes.
·         Chop shallots very fine use fish fumet and white wine and a little bit of vinegar and then makes a reduction then add cold butter.
·         2oz of quinoa salad poached in salt water
·         Vinaigrette – salt and pepper, mustard, and vinegar then whisk and then add oil very slowly.  Deep fry the calamari sauce tartar
·         Mayonnaise with cornichon, capers, onions/ shallots, parsley

Salmon mousse darne/steak cross section with bone in, 3 oz of meat put it in the robocoup first and then turn it on when the salmon is firm then add cream then remove it from the robocoup and place it in a bowl with a bowl of ice on the bottom and with a spatula mix in some more cream and season.
First cut the fish in half but not all the way so that it can be closed again, then add the mousse and close it season the fish and place it on top of the bed of julienned vegetables in the parchment paper and then put in a teaspoon of fish fumet on it then cover it up with the parchment paper and then place it on a sheet pan and into the oven 10 minutes before serving.