Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Day 18 Culinary III

Mots Du Jour   1/27/11
·         Medaillon-Medaillon; round slice of meat, fowl, fish or crustacean, served hot or cold
·         Meringue-Mixture of beaten egg whites and sugar
·         Mijoter-To simmer; to cook over gentle heat
·         Mirepoix-(1) Vegetables cut into cubes, the size depending on the length of cooking (2) A certain blend of aromatics
·         Monder- To skin; to remove the skin of certain fruits or veggies by plunging them into boiling water
·         Monter-To mount; to whisk in order to incorporate air and increase the volume (2) To add butter to a sauce in small pieces
·         Mouiller- To wet; to add a liquid to a preparation before cooking
·         Mouler- To mold; to fill a mold before or after cooking
·         Napper- To coat; to cover a food savory, or sweet with a light layer of sauce, aspic, or jelly

Day 18
·         Production:
·         Saute De Bouef (beef stew)
·         Pommes Cocotte- Carrots- Celery Root- Turnips all tourned- Pearl onions glace a brun- peas- mushrooms sauté abrun
·         Watercress/Parsley
Elastin- Doesn’t break down when cooked. Yellow in color
Collagen- Breaks down when cooked. White in Color
Beef- Season, Sear, Add celery and mirpoix, sauté with meat, singer no more than 2oz, boui with stock, wine and water, mix well 1/3, Bring to a simmer, cover and place in oven at 350 degrees for 1 ½ hours, Remove meat strain the sauce back over the meat and add rest of veggies.