Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Day 10 Culinary III

Mots Du Jour
·         Dentendre-To loosen; to add a liquid to a preparation, such as a sauce
·         Dentremper-To moisten with a liquid
·         Dorer- To brush with beaten egg or egg yolk in order to give a deep color and shine
·         Dorure-Egg wash; beaten egg or egg yolk with water/or salt added, used t oto color doughs just before cooking
·         Douille-Pastry tip; a conical piece made of metal or plastic used in decorating with a pastry bag
·         Dresser- To dress; to arrange the preparations the prepared food on a plate or platter before serving
·         Duxelles-Finely chopped mushrooms cooked in butter with minced shallots; used as a garnish or filling
·         Ebarber-To debeard; to remove the fins and bones of fish; to remove the filaments from poached eggs
·         Ebouillanter-To dip in boiling water; to scald
·         Ebulliontion-Boiling point; the appearance of bubbles in a hot liquid
·         Ecailler-To scale; to remove the scales from a fish
Day 10
·         Gastrique
·         Ganord poeler aux nevets
·         Turnips and carrots glaces a brun
·         Sauce a lorange (demo)
·         Greath fauphinos
·         Pomme gaufrette
·         Watercress / mache / parsley

Cut potato and soak in cold water
1oz sugar, 1 oz water, 1 oz of vinegar
When peeling the orange you have to remove the white layer of the peel and then julienne it and then blanch when it’s done put ½ on the sauce and some to plate.
Deglaze with duck stock 1 cup and reduce 25% dilute starch with triple sec

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