Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Day 11 Culinary III

Mots Du Jour
·         Ecaler-To shell;  to remove the shell from soft- and hard-boiled eggs
·         Ecumer-To skim; to remove the foam from the surface of a boiling liquid
·         Effiler-To slice very thinly
·         Egoutler-To strain; to remove the skin from the fruits and veggies by heating
·         Emietter-To crumble; to break into small pieces
·         Emincer- To cut into thin slices
·         Emonder-To skin; to remove the skin from the fruits and liquids by heating
·         En Robe-Coated or covered
·         Entements- Literall, “between courses”; originally a course served between the roast and the dessert. Today it is a mousse-based cake
·         Eplucher-To peel; to remove the skin or inedible parts of the fruits and veggies
·         Eponger-To sponge; to remove excess liquid or fat by absorbing with a kitchen or paper towel

Day 11
·         Mots du jour
·         Soak beans
·         Pork lecture
·         Watercress / Mache / parsley
·         Longe de porc Robert sauce
·         Bulgur pilaf
·         Braised red cabbage with apple
·         Pomme dauphine
***No lemon juice in sauce Robert use Dijon mustard***

Pork loin roasted in the oven but it has to be seared first.
Put in the oven and cook it until its 140 then take it out and then cover pork with aluminum foil and let it finish by itself.When you remove the meat then degrees the pan and deglaze with veal stock and make a reduction with the white wine and onions and season then add Dijon mustard and add slurry then strain.Sauté with onions and bacon and duck fat then season the cabbage then add red wine vinegar and with a little veal stock and diced apple.

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