Monday, January 17, 2011

Day 1 Culinary III

Mots Du Jour (Words of the Day) Jan 5, 2011
·         Abaisser- To roll a dough to the desired thickness with the aid of a rolling pin
·         Abats- Offal; internal organs of butchered animals sold mainly by stores called triperies that specialize in this.
-White Offal are sweet breads feet and brains.
- Red Offal are heart, lungs, liver.
·         Abattis- The feet, neck, head, wingtips, liver, gizzard, and heart of poultry
·         Accommoder- To prepare and season a dish for cooking
·         Acidifier- To add lemon juice or vinegar to fruits, vegetables, and fish to prevent oxidation
·         Aciduler- To make a preparation slightly acidic, tart, or tangy by adding a little lemon juice or vinegar
·         Affuter- To sharpen the cutting edge of a knife by using a steel or sharpening stone
·         Aiguillette-  A long narrow slice of meat cut from the breast of poultry (especially duck) and game birds
·         Aiguiser- See Affuter
·         Allumettes- (1) A type of savory petits fours (long rectangles of puff pastry) covered with cheese or filled with anchovies. (2) Very thin French fries; Pommes Allumettes

Day 1
Review Syllabus
Rules and Policies
Caviar project due Week 4 Monday 1/24 between 10-12 pages
Mots Du Jour
Test #1 Preview
Hot food served hot and cold foods served cold!
Poissons (fish)
Fish lecture: Salmon, Tilapia, Sole, Trout, Snapper
Fatty and Lean fish, Salt and Fresh Water Fish
Round and Flat fish, Warm and Cold water

Research Caviar- Sturgeon  with pictures of each fish  and eggs with price per ounce, then expand to other fish, explain how to serve it, and eat it. Any fishing regulations which sea the sturgeon come from(Caspian sea)  History of Caviar

Dish 1- Pork Loin with 3 veggies, sauce, garnish
Dish 2- Risotto parmesan  with chicken stock and cheese
Dish 3- Lamb stew out of book page 243

Book- Everything. Every page given out and any notes. Typed.

Blanchir- Blanch- Partially cooked
Pocher- Poach- Kinfe tender
Sauter- Sm amount fat high heat
Rotir- Dry Season
Braiser- 1st step season, 2nd sear, 3rd veggies, 4th Liquid, 5th Oven
Griller- Fish- oil and flour before grill
Frire- Deep Fry

1 Cup of sauce per person.

Fish pg 433

Flat fish bones are lined up- 4 filets
Round Fish- 2 filets

Cold Saltwater Fish
·         Halibut
·         Sole
·         Turbot
·         Salmon
              Warm Saltwater Fish
·         Mahi-Mahi
·         Sword Fish
·         Snapper
·         Tuna
              Lean- White Fish
·         Halibut
·         Sole
·         Mahi-mahi
                Fatty(Grills Better)
·         Tuna
·         Salmon
·         Mackerel
                Cold Fresh Water
·         Bass
·         Perch
               Warm Fresh Water
·         Catfish
·         Tilapia
Rainbow trout is the only fish served with scales.
If you leave the head on a fish- Scale, defin and gills.

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